Most of the previous articles have been on rather abstract topics. This is an attempt to come up with some more concrete information: a laundry list of concepts that fall under each information element. The main goal here is thoroughness and accuracy. Some aspects are more thoroughly developed than others. It may also be that certain elements have less vocabulary associated with them, at least in English.

Wikisocion also has a pretty decent list, though it is more focused on vocabulary and phrases than concepts.


Vocabulary: structure, order, law, rule, theory, category, correct, incorrect, right, wrong, consistent, inconsistent, contradiction, certainly, definitely, necessary, unnecessary, acceptable, according to, account for, right (n), "must accept", affiliated, assert (that), assign, how do you define ___?, system, systematically, break it down, explain, "I agree with that.", "That makes sense.", clarification, "for some reason"

Information about:

  • laws, rules, protocols (which ones exist, whether they are being adhered to)
  • correctness and incorrectness (according to grammar, rules, structure, etc.)
  • obligations and whether they are being fulfilled
  • rights
  • logical relationships like (in)consistency, implication, contradiction; formal logic
  • reasoning and explanation
  • objectively-defined discrete patterns, structure, and organization (this always comes after that, etc)
  • logistics and delegation
  • hierarchy
  • principles (e.g. ethical principles)
  • what role or function things fulfill in a system
  • what things require
  • step-by-step procedures and instructions
  • what categories things belong to

Behaviors: explaining things, analyzing things and breaking them down logically, understanding something


Information about:

  • work
    • efficacy, how stuff works or fails to work, how well stuff works, methods, what ways of doing things are stupid, wrong, or illogical
    • competence and incompetence
    • productivity
    • technique, technical skill, implementation
  • facts
    • data, numbers, statistics
    • facts about events (things happening as they happen)
    • empirical research and evidence
  • what (measurable, quantifiable) work or results have been accomplished (some Se here)
  • cause and effect, what will happen if you do something (with Ni)
  • the value or worth of something (in terms of use value, money, etc.)
  • accuracy, precision, evidence or lack thereof
  • resources
    • what resources are available and how to best allocate them
    • money, time
    • cost, comparing costs, getting good deals, expense, waste
  • advantages of doing something (also Ne)


Vocabulary: awesome, cool, whooooo, thrilling, poignant, building up, "welling", revitalize (with Si?), celebrate

  • This is so cool!
  • I just fell in love with the sound of his voice
  • It sounds creepy when you say it like that
  • This is music to my ears
  • putting yourself completely into your music

Information about:

  • responsiveness to external stimuli
  • communication
  • emotions
    • happiness, excitement, sadness, grief, anger, boredom, fear, ...
  • expression of emotions or thoughts
  • mindset, mood, attitude (good or bad)
  • self-expression
  • reactions (to stimuli, especially through emotions and speech)
  • mannerisms (tone, facial expression, ...)
  • social involvement, interaction, and participation
  • emotional investment, caring about something
  • fun
  • emotional atmosphere
  • enthusiasm and emotional energy
  • exaggeration and intensifying words; praise
  • how to communicate / convey emotional impact, considering the audience and the circumstances
  • passion, passionate desire
  • excitation
  • motivations
  • adornment (i.e. what is there to express and set oneself apart rather than to serve a functional purpose)
  • style and flair, "personality"
  • artistic expression
  • trends and what is fashionable or popular vs original and unique; setting oneself apart
  • social graces: greetings, manners, couthness

Behaviors: enthusiasm, motivating/energizing people, praising, effusiveness, making funny voices, teasing, mocking, dramatism, ranting


Vocabulary: abuse, admire, understanding, regret, love, like, dislike, hate, despise, despicable, shameful, heinous, heartbreaking, care, caring

  • it pains me
  • this is offensive
  • I'm so proud of you
  • we're like sisters
  • awwww
  • I really respect that
  • He became a great supporter and friend
  • it was not my cup of tea
  • what's special about that to me is...
  • it means a lot to me
  • Thanks for understanding me
  • I appreciate her very much
  • I'm sorry you were treated so poorly
  • sweet
  • mean
  • a dear friend

Information about:

  • sympathy
  • sensitivity
  • sentiments
  • sentimentality
  • bonding
  • trust
  • admiration
  • character
  • character judgment
  • virtue and vice
  • trustworthiness
  • pity
  • (emotional) hurt and offense


Vocabulary: look!, listen!, work (n), leader, get up, get down, get off, take, put, chomp, throw fight, get a hold of, assert (oneself), compromise, epic

  • Tough shit. Life's not fair. Grow up and get over it.

Information about:

  • power
    • strength, influence, pressure, force (physical or figurative)
    • weakness, caving in to pressure, submitting to power
    • authority
    • ownership, territory
    • dominance, domination
    • what advantages someone has over someone else
    • protection of or magnanimity towards the weak
  • accomplishment, getting stuff done, making something happen, letting something happen
  • impact
    • spectacle
  • image, social status
  • appearance
    • the visual impact/impressiveness of something or someone's appearance
    • how much something stands out
  • focus (on doing what you're doing or what is actually happening around you), attentiveness, alertness
  • intensity, magnitude, scale, epicness
    • size (immensity), color, weight
  • physical movement and vigorousness
  • willpower, effort
    • what you want
    • getting what you want
    • the power one has to effect desired changes
    • opposition and obstacles and overcoming them; how to overcome them; persistence
    • what a situation demands in terms of mobilization and action
    • struggle, fighting
    • taking responsibility for what you have to do (with Ti), being on top of stuff, having your life together
  • agendas, how they conflict or align
  • enmity, alliance, rivalry, being on the same vs different sides of a conflict, being part of a crew
  • impulsive desires (materializing them)
  • respect for power, knowing one's place
  • what you deserve / what your rights are / what is reasonable to expect
  • pride, honor

Behaviors: assertiveness, ostentation, risk-taking, adrenaline-seeking, playful violence/roughhousing, aggression and conflict


Vocabulary: crisp, soothing, soft, "soaking up", being out in nature

Information about:

  • immediate needs
    • how well they are being fulfilled
    • how to fulfill them
  • health and hygiene, medicine
  • food, drink, and nourishment
  • naturalism, how natural or unnatural something is
  • immediate experience
    • sensory experience, how something feels physically
    • enjoyment or annoyment and irritation caused by immediate experience
    • subjective sensory quality
  • taste, touch, smell, texture
  • comfort and discomfort, pleasantness
  • convenience and inconvenience, ease
  • one's environment, where one lives, one's daily life and activities
  • harmony, balance
  • simplicity


Vocabulary: hesitant, reluctant, careful, it was a slow kind of..., , came to mind, growing [metaphorically], transitions from one thing to another, journey, segue, emerging, building up

  • "The prognosis is to expect a continuation of what we have seen"
  • You can see it in your mind's eye
  • I got transported back in time
  • I will never do that again
  • ...of the ages
  • it's all complicated
  • I'm trapped in time
  • the course that took you from ... to ...
  • You're doomed.

Information about:

  • (certainty and?) uncertainty
  • how things develop and change over time
    • growth and decay, transformation, evolution, progress and stagnation
  • consequences (of one's actions, etc.)
  • permanence and impermanence
  • death, decay
  • roots, origins
  • guidance
    • doubt about or faith in something, fate, destiny and purpose, legacy, one's direction in life
  • priorities (what the right thing to focus on is)
  • meaning and meaninglessness, profundity, depth, subtlety, significance
  • narratives, interpretations
  • caveats and nuances
  • wisdom and depth of experience
  • irony, paradox
  • mental imagery, memory, visions, dreams
  • archetypes, reminiscence, nostalgia (with ethics?), being reminded of something
  • planning ahead
  • inevitability
  • mystery, magic

Behaviors: warning, foretelling what will happen, "inward" development and detailing of the imaginative or conceptual realm (fantasy, storytelling, mythology - with Fe), hermeticism (withdrawing from the world)

  • hesitance, suspicion, wariness, and caution
  • cynicism


vocabulary: possibilities, potential, ideas, trend (Ni?), maybe, probably, possibly, often, usually, generally, rare, sometimes, I guess, kind of, sort of, could/can, find out, perspective, "random" (figurative), "you could say that", interesting, talent, actually..., what if, "I wonder", "so and so is the kind of guy that would ___", also, additionally, "I had this ability I didn't really know about", started to ___, epiphany, talent, turning point, "that would have been unthinkable 10 years before", breakthrough, lucky, "Everyone is different", "it depends", talent, ability, new, "have you tried ___?", at some point, sort of, I realized, "How did you come up with that?", "a whole world opened up", "that has its own merits too", "that's the idea", "things are looking good", "it turns out...", "eventually I came up with a couple of schemes I thought I'd try", "came along", "at this point", "This new work provides critical clues that begin to unravel this mystery", "it was a real game-changer"

Information about:

  • ideas
  • what the possibilities or options are, (un)expectedness, rarity and commonness, novelty or lack thereof, sudden realization, (un)usualness
  • possibility
    • skill, talent, ability, potential, prospects
    • what the different aspects or sides to a thing are (e.g., good or bad); viewpoints
    • guessing, speculation, conjecture, and estimation
  • novelty, new-ness
  • what the key idea is or the essential/key/important attributes of a thing or situation are
  • searching
  • breadth of experience, learning, erudition
  • opportunities
  • coincidences, luck, chance, serendipity, likelihood, surprise
  • analogies
  • scenarios, situations

Behaviors: making suggestions, considering options or possibilities, talking about interesting ideas, asking questions, experimenting, trying things out, going off on tangents, talking about things in terms of simple or even childlike concepts that anyone can understand