1. Be respectful. No inciteful public comments; do not bash people in your typing analyses. Negative qualities can be relevant for typing, but have some discretion. Avoid commenting things like "you're dumb", "trash take", etc. on typings. No racism, sexism, or prejudice on the basis of religion, and no slurs of any kind.
  2. No NSFW content.
  3. No spamming. Avoid trollish public typings and do not spam the feed with joke typings.
  4. No illegal content of any kind.
  5. No sockpuppet accounts (see below)
  6. No ban evasion (see below)
  7. Profanity is allowed in usernames, but it will likely result in silencing (see below). Best to avoid it, and in analyses too.
  8. Users must be 13 years of age or older.

Certain content such as your "About Me" and typings and comments that appear on the public event feed are exposed to the larger community, and therefore will be moderated more strictly.

Sockpuppet accounts

Please do not create a second account — or if you do, don't make more than one recognizable as you. This will lead to duplicate typings and prevent people from comparing their typings of you. The administration can help you recover your account if you can't do so through the forgot password page.

Typing the same subject from multiple accounts (vote stuffing or duplicate voting) is against the rules and may lead to a ban. It is discouraged to be active on more than one account, such as to support your own arguments posing as someone else. If you're unsure of whether you're in violation of this, please contact the administration to make sure.

Ban evasion

It should go without saying, don't make another account if you're banned. This will probably lead to an extension of the ban or a permanent ban.

Also anyone who is aware of ban evasion and does not report it will be subject to a ban themselves.

Moderation statuses

There are a few moderation statuses, which may be applied in case of rule violation:

  • Silenced users are removed from the event feed, cannot comment on typings, and others are not notified of their comments or typings. This may be applied to users who make too many troll typings, or have vulgar usernames, but are otherwise benign.
  • Banned users: self-explanatory. This may be applied to users who repeatedly make inciteful comments.
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