Want to find your socionics type?

About Me

My name is Ibrahim and I learned socionics starting in 2006 with help from Rick DeLong, who learned it in Ukraine from well-known socionists. Ever since then I've been typing people actively and honing my understanding of the theory with all its practical manifestations. I was also one of the main contributors to wikisocion. In 2016 I started doing formal video typings. The existing questionnaires were mostly abysmal so I created one of my own, specifically designed for doing typing videos. Later I expanded to doing interviews too.

To get typed

Currently I am offering live interviews to find your socionics type, which are typically an hour or so in length. I use the above questionnaire as a basis for the interviews but will delve as needed into areas that seem particularly informative. I will then give a verbal conclusion regarding your type, with a brief analysis and explanation of my reasoning in writing. To schedule a typing, please contact me at socionics16@gmail.com. I am not currently offering typings based on videos. I have used them in the past but I am trying to hone my interview technique.

I record the interviews and retain a copy of the recording in order to make improvements to the typing process.

Cost: $30.

You can also pay $30 for an extended written report (around 1-2 pages).

You can also schedule a typing through my Facebook page or DMing me on social media (Discord or Facebook message is easiest).

For examples of my typing analyses, see my blog. With your permission I may also post your analysis on my blog.

If you pay for a typing you will also gain special privileges on Sedecology, like the ability to add a profile picture! (These privileges may change or be revoked at any time.)

Follow up interview

If you used my service in the past and have doubt about the conclusion, you can have a further interview for $20 and optional report for $20 as well. (I reserve the right to decline a follow-up if I am sure of the conclusion or it hasn't been long enough or for any other reason.)

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