Want to find your socionics type?

About Me

My name is Ibrahim and I learned socionics starting in 2006 with help from Rick DeLong, who learned it in Ukraine from well-known socionists. Ever since then I've been typing people actively and honing my understanding of the theory with all its practical manifestations. I was also one of the main contributors to wikisocion. In 2016 I started doing formal video typings. The existing questionnaires were mostly abysmal so I created one of my own, specifically designed for doing typing videos. Later I expanded to doing interviews too.

To get typed

There are two ways you can get typed. Either I can interview you, or you can make a video or audio recording with my questionnaire and send it to me at socionics16@gmail.com. I will then give a conclusion regarding your type, with a brief explanation of my reasoning.

Recordings must be between 45 and 70 minutes in length. Please do not write the answers beforehand; the more spontaneous they are the better. I record the interviews and retain a copy of the recording in order to make improvements to the typing process.

Cost: $30.

You can also pay $30 for an additional detailed written report (around 1-2 pages).

You can also book an appointment through my Facebook page or DMing me on social media.

For examples of my typing analyses, see my blog. With your permission I can also post your analysis on my blog.

If you pay for a typing you will also gain special privileges on Sedecology, like the ability to add a profile picture! (These privileges may change or be revoked at any time.)

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