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Alpha quadra

Alpha types are defined as the ones that value Ne, Si, Fe, Ti (the Alpha elements), and have subdued Se, Ni, Te, Fi (the Gamma elements)

The Alpha types are ILE, SEI, ESE, LII.


Each quadra can be understood by the value traits applied to individual elements (valued Fi vs subdued Fe, for example), and then by how these valued elements interact and combine (such as valued NeTi or valued FiSi). Different types will emphasize these elements or pairs more or less depending on whether they are bold and/or strong — the suggestive function may not be particularly visible, the demonstrative function may be very visible, and duals have very different behavior on the whole.

NeTi: Alphas tend to see the world as something to explore and understand. They generate (or are attracted to) ideas that are not necessarily connected with the practical reality of how things are right now, but represent an ideal to work towards. They can find value in these ideas even if they only "show promise" (Ne) and need to be worked on a lot more to be feasible (subdued TeNi). They tend to be interested in generalized areas with principles that apply to reality at large, such as philosophy, mathematics, physics, and religion, rather than areas that give some immediate material benefit (subdued SeTe). They may try to combine different concepts, systems or perspectives together, to form a larger, more universal understanding that reconciles opposing perspectives.

Alphas like discussing ideas and viewpoints and while they are generally averse to conflict (Se), may get into heated arguments.

They care about fairness and impartial judgment, rather than loyalty based on group affiliation (TiSe) or closeness (subdued FiSe).

FeSi: Alphas seek to enjoy life in the company of others, and also to make it an enjoyable experience for others. They enjoy the simple pleasures in life, such as communal meals with friends and family or playing games. They are ready to help others with their immediate needs when called upon (or with ESEs, even when not), and can fail to prioritize their own desires (subdued FiSe). They frown upon expressing negative or overly crude attitudes and dumping them onto other people unnecessarily, although due to prioritizing free expression may show flashes of negativity themselves (in contrast to Deltas who have a more neutral attitude overall). They tend to express skepticism (subdued NiTe) more tentatively (if at all) so as not to spoil the atmosphere.

They appreciate aesthetics that are naturalistic and harmonious but with a bit of flair or excitement such as bright colors.

NeFe: Alpha is the most emotionally open quadra. They "assume good intentions" with people until proven otherwise (and it may take a lot to prove otherwise). They feel more easily hurt by overly negative, bitter attitudes (FiNi) and are not quick to form judgments, rather they can see good in most people. They have a lighthearted and quirky sense of humor; the Fe triad tends to dominate the late-night show circuit. They value inclusiveness highly, and generally seek to treat everyone with the same friendly attitude.

TiSi: Alphas care a lot about the small details of their world; they create or appreciate systems that make things easier for people, to improve "workflow". (Unlike Deltas however, they have a greater emphasis on "user friendliness", the ability to forget about the inner workings of the system (and moreover consider it "complete") rather than tinkering with it endlessly.) They may show a degree of perfectionism, and care about getting things "just right". They like concepts to be connected to the immediate reality of our experience (Si), using illustrative analogies (Ne), rather than being overly arcane or obscure (Ni). They appreciate beautiful and creative structures — the work of MC Escher is an example of this.

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