Intuitive logical extrovert (ILE)


Wikisocion page (has descriptions)

Other names: ENTp, IL, The Innovator

Presence traits: Extroverted Alpha NT (Researcher)

Model A

# Function name IME Presence Traits
1 leading Ne Strong Bold Valued
2 creative Ti Strong Cautious Valued
3 role Se Weak Bold Subdued
4 vulnerable Fi Weak Cautious Subdued
5 suggestive Si Weak Cautious Valued
6 mobilizing Fe Weak Bold Valued
7 ignoring Ni Strong Cautious Subdued
8 demonstrative Te Strong Bold Subdued

Reinin traits for ILE

Disclaimer: Reinin dichotomies should not be used for typing.

Extroverted/Introverted Extroverted
Intuitive/Sensing Intuitive
Logical/Ethical Logical
Irrational/Rational Irrational
Carefree/Farsighted Carefree
Yielding/Obstinate Yielding
Static/Dynamic Static
Democratic/Aristocratic Democratic
Tactical/Strategic Tactical
Constructivist/Emotivist Constructivist
Positivist/Negativist Positivist
Judicious/Decisive Judicious
Merry/Serious Merry
Process/Result Process
Questioner/Declarer Questioner
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